Since 2012, Tennessee Miss Amazing has been a point of light with statewide impact.

Our Story

The mission of the Miss Amazing Pageant is to provide opportunities for girls and young women with disabilities to raise self- confidence through the skills learned in pageantry in a supportive environment. The Miss Amazing Pageant is now in almost 20 states and has donated around $50,000 and 1,000 pounds of food to community organizations across the nation.

The mission is now spreading nationwide and the more communities involved, the stronger Miss Amazing Inc. will become. The communities will inspire the organization’s design. The participants, volunteers, friends, family and community leaders will be the ones to shape Miss Amazing Inc. into something that truly highlights the abilities of those with disabilities.

At the official Tennessee Miss Amazing event, we strive to give these girls and young women a safe space where they can truly be themselves. We, the directors, want to encourage these women to show off their strengths, their unrestricted joy, and their incredible abilities. We shower all of our participants and their families with love because without these young girls and their families our jobs would not be possible-- nor would they be as fun. 

Our Approach


We offer a chance for women from different walks of life to learn from each other and develop a valuable support system.


We provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to test their boundaries and take on new challenges.


We provide a public platform for girls and women with disabilities to define themselves on their own terms and dispel stereotypes. 

Meet the Queens


jessica ann sanford

Tennessee Miss Amazing Preteen


natalie pistole

Tennessee Miss Amazing Jr. Teen


zoe redington

Tennessee Miss Amazing Teen


chloe sybert

Tennessee Miss Amazing Jr. Miss



Tennessee Miss Amazing Miss


Jackie thompson

Tennessee Miss Amazing Sr. Miss